Food for thought

I woke up this morning thinking of food.. (hahaha I guess that is why I am fluffy)  I was thinking of how many recipes have been lost with the death of loved ones and how much I wish I had gotten the recipe to certain things they made and I will never get to taste again.  So this morning I decided I would start documenting recipes that I love as I go along.  Make the world a fluffier place one plate at a time 🙂

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Hello world!

Wow I am finally doing this.  This has been a long time coming honestly.  We all have those moments in life where we think… Hmm I should really start writing but never actually start.  We just keep pushing it back and pushing it back until we think we will have time and time is never right or just not enough time.  Well excuses are over and time to start making time for the things I want to do.  With all that said.. Hello!  I am Rosemary 🙂


Maui and I

This is me (the girl of course).  So what can I tell you about myself…  I am a great friend, kind, caring, compassionate and very family oriented.  I have a very small immediate family consisting of one brother and one sister and my parents.  Like most adults I too believe that I have the best parents in the world.  It is because of them and their teachings that compose what I am today.  I have two beautiful fur children.  See for your self 🙂



What else can I say.  I am fortunate enough to have a life I love and be able to share it with great friends and an amazing family.   Well I think this is enough on an intro and it is time to really get to know me and my crazy random thoughts. 🙂  See you soon!


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